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504 Designation And Food Allergies

Fruit is nature's wonder food. There is no more perfect example of food fit for man than fruit. The average fruit is the perfect size for a serving, a little smaller than a fist, and contains good amounts of water, nutrients and fiber in the form of cellulose. The skin of a fruit is also nature's own packaging. Unfortunately, some people have fruit allergies and must avoid some, but not usually all, fruits. The affected may suffer from rashes, nausea, bloating, itching and other symptoms. For an unlucky few, eating the wrong fruit can even result in death.

A not insignificant number of people are affected each year by fruit allergies. If we take food allergies as a whole, nearly one fifth of the population are affected. The diagnosis of fruit allergies is the same as for food allergies in general -- usually a particular allergy is identified in childhood when it appears that a reaction or disapproval of particular foods has a pattern to it and is not just a one off event. Sometimes, the offending fruit cannot be identified, and a specialist must be consulted who will conduct a series of tests. Commonly, a skin pin prick test will be utilized to determine the offending allergens.

Fruit Allergies Often Appear In Groups

It is quite rare for someone to have fruit allergies for all fruits. Usually, they are restricted to a particular group. For reasons not fully understood, apples are responsible for the most fruit allergies in people. Close behind are types of berry and citrus fruits. As most sufferers of fruit allergies usually only respond badly to a specific group of fruits, they can still obtain their nutrition from the many other fruits that they can obtain.

Fruit allergies are, more often than not, identified in early childhood as a result of some incident, often when eating fruits that are not usually eaten e.g. on vacation. It is worth knowing that fruit allergies, like all allergies, are often hereditary and if both parents have an allergy, you are more likely to also have that allergy than if only one parent has the allergy. As with all allergies, sufferers of fruit allergies should determine exactly what they are allergic to, consider if they are also allergic to other foods and make appropriate modifications to their lifestyle to ensure a healthy life despite their allergies.

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