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Allergy Air Filters - Providing Clean Air And Less Allergies In The Home

The affects from allergies is a burden to live with for many people, the itchy skin and watering eyes make even relaxing in your own home difficult to do. One of the major triggers of allergy symptoms is dust and other microscopic debris floating in the air you breath. By eliminating the dust in the air you live in with allergy air filters you can substantially reduce your allergy symptoms and relax comfortably in your own home.

Allergy air filters are specially made air filters that use replaceable filter elements that were designed to remove a substantial amount of the dust and other allergy causing debris in the air of your home or office. The filter element is normally made from a mixture of polyester and fiberglass and can remove particulate matter of extremely small size.

Some models will employ a HEPA filter, HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. These filters can remove up to 99% of the allergy causing material in your homes air.

Along with the filter element many filter machines will use a screen pre filter and many units also employ a carbon pre post filter block. The carbon block will remove any oder from the air. This make the allergy filter great for removing pet and smoke oder from the home as well!

While some models advertise an ionizing option many experts believe that ozone is released during the ionizing process. Ozone is a potentially hazardous substance that can cause other health problems with prolonged exposure,so use the ionizing option on your filter units sparingly.

Using allergy air filters is a great way to minimize the allergens in the air where you live. However like any product there are good and bad ones on the market so always research and compare models you may be interested in purchasing for your home.

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