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Allergy In Dogs, What Do I Do?

Oh no...allergy in dog...what do I do? Today there seems to be so many dogs with allergies. Pet owners are frantically trying to find answers to help their faithful companions. So what does cause allergies in dogs? One place to start looking for answers is right in front of your dog's nose...his dog bowl! So, what are you feeding your dog? Dog food today is filled with all kinds of grains that are often difficult to digest (corn, wheat, gluten and soy), and which are often used as a protein source instead of meat. Allergies in dogs are sometimes related to these grains in their food.

In an effort to feed our dogs a healthy diet, we are led to believe that these grains are good for them. But don't let that fool you... it's not because it's healthy for our dogs. It's because the grain is cheap and dog food manufacturers make a much bigger profit using grains. So, just what is the best food for our faithful companions?

Often the answers to our questions can be found in nature. We need to remember that dogs are canines and their ancestry dates back to wild dogs and wolves. These animals hunted in packs. If you examine their teeth, you will find that they were designed to rip and tear flesh, muscle and bone. They were created to eat meat and by nature, they are carnivores. The Native Americans of North America raised dogs and their diets consisted mostly of protein.

Many of the maladies, diseases, and allergies that our dogs are experiencing today are, unfortunately, directly related to the food they eat.

Three years ago our dog Elly became very ill and had to have her spleen removed. After the surgery, we started researching about dog foods and what we found was very shocking. We decided to give her a dog food that was much more balanced and included more protein and antioxidants. Gradually her health improved, her coat became full and soft, and today she is an active 11 year old dog and doing quite well.

We have a responsibility to take care of our faithful friends and giving them a good, balanced nutritional food, without added grains like corn and wheat, will help ensure a long and healthy life. And hopefully, allergy in dog, be gone!

Did you know that dogs fed a high quality dog food live on average 5 or more years longer than dogs fed lesser-quality food?

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