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Allergy Rash

Though we often only see the rash itself, it's important to remember that rashes are generally symptoms, and it's best to look for the source. Not always easy if your baby is uncomfortable, and showing it, but remember that you need a two-pronged approach here.

One: identify and stop/remove the irritant that's causing the infant rash

Two: treat the rash that has developed

When dealing with the infant rash, or any irritated skin on your baby, the first thing to do is stop the irritant and soothe your baby. Wet or soiled diapers, cloths that fit a bit too snuggly, or a tag that doesn't lay down flat can cause the skin to be irritated, become reddened, and sometimes develop into a flaky rash.

Some other possible causes might be using a new or different laundry detergent, a fabric (usually synthetic) that is irritating your baby's skin and causing the infant rash, or it could be YOU!

Okay, before you think your baby has developed an allergy to you specifically, think about your own clothing, and the detergent used to clean it, your shampoo or body soap, and even your cologne or perfume. Another cause might be something you have handled, particularly things like ink, or even unwashed fruits and vegetables.

Insect bites can also be responsible for skin irritation and can develop into a rash, as well as contact your child or you have had with an animal or pet.

It is also important to have your baby seen by a doctor or dermatologist if the infant rash persists or if there is any kind of bleeding, even from the scratching.

Remember, when it comes to your infant, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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