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Cure Your Allergy

You are in the middle of some daily activation and suddenly it happens: allergy. Soon enough you will enjoy: sneezing, itching, teary eyes, running nose, red rash, needless to go further. Now, I have being in your place and gave a try to all temporary solutions which help for a while but failed to defeat my allergy. In the long run my allergy kept coming back. In this article I will try to help you cure your allergy and not only its symptoms.

What is allergy? Well, allergy is an over reaction response of our immunity system to an innocent food, dust, and other causes. Normally, these things will end up with any reaction, but to some people it is the beginning of another very problematic day. Actually, allergy derives from our immunity system which attacks our body.

There are several types of allergies each one derives from a different source. The main known types of allergies are: hey fever, mite which is tiny insect located in the dust of our carpets and furniture, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, and all sorts of food allergies.Most of them are related to the symptoms we have discussed earlier.

The symptoms are well taking care of by traditional medicine. Every time you suffer from an allergy you will take that medic, which will cure only the symptoms, creating a never ending story of you and your allergy. When ever you eat certain type of food or being exposed to dust or even cats, my wife suffered from that, the allergy is back. The solution is taking care of your body, regain its natural balance and avoid allergies for the rest of your life.

This is the real secret, your body natural balance. If your body was in a perfect physical condition you could have left your allergies behind you. The reason is that an unbalanced body might lead to an unbalanced reaction of the immunity system as we experience with allergies. The solution is balancing your body to gain extra strength.

How can one retain his body balance? It depends totally on you. You must be determined to heal the allergy attacks you suffer from. You must start balancing your diet with healthy food. Please do not try this at once but simply add some healthy supplements to your daily diet. This could be more vegetables seeds, almond, etc.

You should consult a dietitian for a complete new diet which will eventually balance your body and could heal you completely from your allergy.

Karl Ross is a computer engineer, who gained lots of information regarding health and fitness. He likes to share his knowledge, and experience, of a few medical issues he had and the unusual solutions he has found to completely cure them.

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