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Eczemza Food Allergies

Food allergy or intolerance?

One out of 3 North Americans believe that they are allergic to certain foods, but fewer than 1 percent have genuine allergies. For most people food intolerance is the reason for this confusion between the two. The other 29 percent are usually just unable to tolerate certain foods, often because they lack an enzyme needed for proper digestion.

Although, some people are sensitive to lactose, a sugar found in milk, however, they can tolerate other dairy products like cheese, yogary and sourcream. This is an example of food sensitivity or intolerance, NOT an allergy to diary products. A person with an allergic reaction would have a reaction to most types of dairy, and usually the symptoms are worse, and longer lasting.

Sometimes children cannot tolerate gluten, found in wheat products, but will grow out or the intolerance. On the other hand this could also be a allergic reaction to a protien in wheat. But the child would also react to anything that has wheat in it. Children can outgrow an allergy aswell, so sometimes it may be hard for even a doctor to tell weather or not it is an intolerance or an allergy without a blood test.

MSG (Mono-soduim glutamate) a flavor in foods, is a common trigger for a food intolerance.It is used as a flavor enhancer and can cause flushing, headaches, and numbness in certain people. Its not known how much MSG is needed to trigger a reaction, but it varries from person to person. Generally large amounts cause more severe allergic reactions.

Sulfites, used as a preservitive in many foods and wines, can cause sensitivity as well as trigger allergic reations. It depends on the person, the best way to check is to have a blood test done by a allergy specialist. They will be able to determain which type of reaction is causing you or your child problems, and properly treat what ever it is.

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