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Feline Allergies To Food

The concept of feline constipation was not one that I had ever heard of until we had a cat that experienced it almost two years ago. Initially we thought he was having trouble urinating. He would go into his litter box throughout the day without going to the bathroom. Our veterinarian told us that feline constipation is actually fairly common, but that is misdiagnosed many times by cat owners since urinary problems are far more common and talked about more than feline constipation problems.

Feline constipation is more prevalent in cats that are 8 years old and older, but cats of any age can experience feline constipation. The typically bowel movement schedule for cats is one to two bowel movements every day. Some cats go more or less than this. However, is a cat has not had a bowel movement in three or more days it can indicate a feline constipation problem. It can cause serious harm to a cat experiencing feline constipation if not treatment is done to cure the constipation. Both medical and natural options are available to treat feline constipation.

We found a simple cure for our cat by mixing canned pumpkin (high in fiber) with his food and he was regular within a day. We also stopped giving him dry cat food for awhile because the water in wet cat food can be helpful for cats experiencing feline constipation. Set up water stations throughout your house so that your cat can conveniently get to water. We found that putting water in his favorite spots, such as the sunny, bay window, worked best. We also researched herbal remedies for feline constipation, but he did not have to take any because he got better with those few simple changes.

It is imperative that you get your pet help for feline constipation as soon as he begins to experience it in order to keep him healthy. Ask your veterinarian for ideas on how to alleviate feline constipation. If you prefer natural remedies, there are natural remedies for feline constipation that you can try to help regulate his bowel movements and get rid of his feline constipation.

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