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Food Allergies And Lupus

Lupus is a rare condition, but it can be a very difficult one. When you suffer from lupus, more than one of your organs may be affected. There are three lupus types that one can suffer from: systemic, discoid and lupus induced by drugs.

The discoid form of lupus affects only somebody' s skin. To diagnose this kind of lupus, the doctor has to do a biopsy of the rash that you are suffering. Because discoid lupus affects only the skin in form of a rash, this is the only proper way to diagnose lupus. The biopsy of the skin affected by lupus will show some abnormalities that otherwise will not be found in a type of skin that has not been affected by lupus. This type of lupus does not affect the internal organs. So a blood test will not be able to confirm if you have discoid lupus or not. Blood tests are used to detect another lupus type, the systematic lupus. There are lupus patients that will show a positive result in their blood test, even if they are suffering from discoid lupus. However, the levels of tiver in their blood will be very little. Although the discoid form of lupus only affects your skin, this lupus type can evolve and become the systemic type of lupus. This particular lupus type can affects almost all your internal organs. Systemic lupus can also atack your nervous system. Unfortunately, this change from discoid lupus to systemic lupus can not be prevented. Even if your treat your discoid type of lupus, you can to prevent it from developing into the systemic lupus type.

Many of the people that go on to have systemic lupus, probably suffered from this form of lupus from the beginning, and the discoid lupus was just one of the symptoms. Normally, there are not two people that suffer from systemic lupus and have the same symptoms. However, many of the lupus symptoms that they have can be similar. The third type of lupus, that induced by drugs, usually sets off after you use a certain drug. The signs of the drug induced type of lupus are very similar to the systemic lupus type. The drugs that are more related with lupus are those used for high blood pressure. Drugs that are used to treat an irregular heart beat are also thought to cause lupus.

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