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Food Allergies Mold

Mold allergies are one of the major health problems that can affect people of different age groups. It is a risk factor to all persons who live in cold climates and in humid regions. This is because of the fact that molds grow in humid regions, as they need moisture to live. The allergies are caused by the mold spores or small particles of mold growths entering through the nose while breathing. The spores travel through the respiratory tract and stay somewhere on the way in the upper respiratory system or stay in the lungs. They may cause irritation while breathing.

Some of the common symptoms of mold allergies are watery and itchy eyes, stuffed up nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. Certain mold allergies can lead to asthma and other lung diseases. In severe conditions, these allergies can even lead the infected person to a coma stage or to death. Moreover, a person with mold allergies is more likely to get other allergies also.

Mold allergies can be controlled to a certain extent by removing the molds at home. This is done by preventing moisture wherever found. Humidity level should be kept below 40 percent. An air conditioner or a dehumidifier can be used to regulate the humidity level in rooms. It is necessary to have proper ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens. Those persons who have HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorbing) filter should change the filters regularly. Otherwise, the filters may be clogged and will filter properly.

Even though there are thousands and thousands of molds, it is found that only 12 varieties cause allergies. Among these, black mold (also called Stachybotys) is a major threat, especially in the southern regions of the nation. It is found that the southern regions have foam board insulations installed without proper ventilations. This improper ventilation may be the major cause for the growth of black molds. As black molds are toxic, symptoms of such mold allergies are more severe than the traditional mold allergies.

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