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Relief From Allergy From Ashpalt Products

What if you could experience relief from your allergies, starting today? Dust mites and pet allergens that collect inside your house are among the leading causes of allergic diseases. They play a substantial role in triggering allergy and asthma attacks. Doctors generally advocate the reduction and avoidance of indoor allergens as the most significant way to reduce symptoms of, control, and possibly prevent the development of asthma and allergies. Thorough, proper vacuuming and other environmental control methods can help with this, but one of the drawbacks of such efforts is that often they do not provide sufficient reduction in allergen levels. No matter how clean your home appears to be, it is impossible to completely eliminate dust mites simply by cleaning. Also, while doctors recommend removal of pets from the home to reduce allergies, most people cannot bring themselves to do so. The dander from these pets remains to trigger allergic reactions.

Allergy relief denaturing products can solve these problems for many people. These products chemically change the shape of allergen proteins. Because allergens are shaped in specific ways the human body identifies them as a danger and takes action via the immune system, considering these normally harmless substances to be intruders capable of causing disease. This creates an asthmatic or allergic response. Continued allergen over-exposure causes not only the allergic illness, but can result in the development of additional allergic responses, and more serious chronic conditions. When the denaturing products change the shape of the allergen proteins, the body becomes unable to identify the allergens as what they are, preventing a reaction. The allergens are still present, but the immune system is prevented from recognizing them. This can reduce the incidences and sometimes eliminate the symptoms of sneezing, coughing, watering eyes, breathing difficulties, rashes, and blotchy or itchy skin.

When properly applied, denaturing products or cleaners provide a residual effect for as much as six months. In the case of severe illness, or particularly difficult conditions indoors, it may be necessary to apply the treatment as often as every three months. A commitment to cleaning and treatment as part of your regular program is still required as well. Allergy relief denaturing products are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and without dyes or perfumes, so that they will not contribute to the problem they are meant to eliminate. They also contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), phosphates, or other hazardous materials. These products are almost odor free, formulated specifically to be used around those who have allergic illnesses and sensitivity to chemicals. Allergy relief denaturing products are so safe that they may be used in households with children and pets, with no ill effects. The use of these denaturing products in conjunction with an established routine of allergen reduction can improve the lives of allergy sufferers greatly. Ask your doctor about allergy relief denaturing products.

This article was provided by Chris Wales of The Cleaning Network carpet cleaners Boston.

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