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Top Care 24 Hour Allergy Relief

You may have seen commercials and infomercials for items such as the Oreck air purifier. The promise of clean air in your home is certainly desired, and these purifiers promise that they can provide that. With a purifier, you will no longer have to suffer discomfort from allergies and dust while you are in your home.

There are many brands of air purifiers on the market, in different price ranges. The Oreck purifier is about $300, for example. It seems expensive as an initial investment, but there is no cost after you buy it. With some purifiers, you will need to buy replacement filters, but this is not so with the Oreck. Instead, it clean the air by ionizing particles. The charged particles then attach to removable, washable blades that never need replaced.

The Oreck air purifier is very energy efficient, cleaning the air in a 30 x 30 room once per hour, on the same energy if run 24 hours a day as a 25 W light bulb (most light bulbs are 60 W +).

If you feel that your home is safe from the polluted air outside, you are mistaken. In fact, the air inside can be much worse than the air outside. Whether you have allergies or not, it is simply healthier to have an air purifier in your home. You shouldn't waste any more time without one. With proper research, you can find the best purifier for you needs and your budget.

You can find specialty air purifiers for smoke and tobacco odor removal. Most of the newer models come with 2 washable prefilters a HEPA filter and carbon filter.

These hepa air purifier filters are designed to suck in the indoor air, filter and remove particles along with other debris.

Most purifying system when promoted push the air filtering benefits for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and others to reduce second-hand tobacco smoke and the concentration of these airborne contaminants.