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About Food Allergies

Food allergies is one of the top three allergies most Americans suffer fromThe one allergy that is not diagnosed properly. A lot will say theysuffer from food allergies when they actually are suffering from foodintolerance.

Let's discuss what food allergies are first, a person with food allergiesproduce IgE antibodies that are specific to epitopes in the food allergen.These reactions to the food can be deadly after the food is ingested.

One of most popular food allergies suffered by most is being allergic topeanuts. Most food allergies a person will out grow in time, but havingan allergic reaction to peanuts is usually not out grown.

The best way to treat this is to stay away from the food you are allergicto. Have a doctor run special tests on you that will help you determinewhich foods you are allergic to and which foods you just have anintolerance to.

There are different kinds of symptoms to food. These can include wheezing and having a hard time breathing. Some other symptoms can be itchy skin, hives, rashes, diarrhea, and swelling around the mouth and throat. These types of symptoms can start rather quickly after eating a certain type of food. Some people may even experience nasal symptoms that include runny nose or congestion; these may not be related to the food.

Some more common food allergies are known as having food intolerance to certain food types. One very common reaction found in children in lactose intolerance. This happens when there is a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which usually breaks down the sugar lactose. Children without this type of enzyme will develop symptoms after digesting food products. This is sometimes misunderstood as a food allergy when it is actually an intolerance to the food.

How a person reacts to eating or drinking certain foods depends on the person and the severity of their allergy to that food product. Some people can react with deadly symptoms while others will have experience mild symptoms. It is important to know and understand if you are suffering from food allergies or food intolerance. If you feel you might have a food allergy contact your doctor right away with your symptoms and have tests run to make sure.

The easiest and best way to avoid having a reaction to certain foods is to stay a way from them totally including foods that might contain the food byproduct you are allergic to.

Laura Miller has always suffered from being lactose intolerant as well as her children, learn more about food allergies and other health issues at her site