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Allergy: An Immune Malfunctioning Process

Allergy is a popular form of immune reaction which creates the process of irritating the body through means of itching. Allergy is basically a Greek term which means “other work.” Allergy is a common disorder which is virtually affecting more than 50% of the total world population in one way or the other. Allergy often leads to the formation of certain chronic diseases. Allergy may be caused due to weather, dust, food, pollution, animals, flowers, plants etc and the list is quite unending.

Certain signs and symptoms of allergies may be enumerated as follows:

• Swelling of the nose in the nasal cavity area with continuous itching.

• When allergy affects the eyes, the eyes experiences redness and also itching in the conjunctiva areas around the eyes.

• Blocking of the airways which leads to continuous wheezing and sneezing.

• Pain in the inner portion of the ears.

• Rashes in the skin which is generally caused due to continuous rubbing and itching of the affected area.

Allergy needs proper treatment and medical diagnosis. But most importantly, allergy which is caused due to dust and pollution can be treatment by way of avoiding and thus taking precautions toward it. It is basically recommended to stay far away from those things which produce allergies. I myself would like to sate here that I m prone to catch allergy due to dust, so I better prevent myself to the explosion of dust than to suffer from the consequence of it. Thus prevention works better than cure in respect of allergy. But sometimes when allergy becomes very acute, proper treatment should be meted out to overcome it. Before providing the basic treatment to the allergy patient, the root causes of it should be firstly diagnosed. So for this purpose, a proper skin test should be conducted over the patient suffering from allergy. Through this process the basic cause behind the occurrence of allergy can be sorted out and on the basis of it the right treatment could be meted out to them.

Moreover, there are a lot of therapies which has been meted out for overcoming of allergy. These therapies are readily made available in the market. Certain alternative medicines like ayurvedic medication, homeopathy, herbal medication, and certain Chinese medicines are helpful in overcoming various types of allergies. Besides these, there are also to certain aromatic processes which also work wonders in the process of overcoming allergies.

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