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Allergy Doctor: What is That?

Any doctor that can help you with an allergy problem is considered an allergy doctor. General physicians that develop a special interest in the matter can develop the skills that are required of and allergy doctor. Some hospital specialists also treat allergies in patients that are referred to them. For example, skin specialists may have to look after the skin problems resulting from allergy.

The study of allergies and also the study of the immune system are closely related. Therefore, your local immunologist can become your allergy doctor and you can see him or her for any problems. So pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, allergists and pulmonologists - all of them can treat your allergies as well as asthma and can function as your allergy doctor.

Internist and pediatricians have to undergo special training in what allergy doctors have to do before they can work as an immunologist or allergy doctor. They obtain certification when they clear an examination in the specialty area of allergy and immunology. An allergy doctor will see patients who have more of allergy and asthma problems, as they are more trained in this field.

Your regular physician could refer you to an allergy doctor. Once you have got the problem under control, you will not have to go to the allergy doctor often again. The allergy doctor should keep in touch with your regular physician. You can be sure that you were referred to the right doctor, and that the treatment is going well when you cease to have problems. You will notice a big difference in your daily activities and the easy at which they are carried out. When all the symptoms are gone, you will know that your allergy doctor did a good job.

If you are looking for an allergy doctor and cant seem to find one you can do a few things. First you should start by looking in the white pages of your phone book. You can also look in the yellow pages under physicians. The physicians will be listed under their specialty area, such as "Allergy & Immunology." It is a good idea to choose a doctor who is certified with the board.

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